Friday, May 4, 2012

What is important and what is not.

It is in stark contrast, how the rich differ from the poor. The extravagance is so appalling. I have seen poor schools back home. I have seen their resources and how people study there. It was only recently that I saw a "rich" school. It raised a number of questions in me. What is the need for an XBOX 360 and LCD Tvs in a school? Why do people put money in buying xbox 360s in schools when many schools do not have benches for people to sit on? Who needs to learn the art of bowling and para sailing when other people do not have a foot ball to play with? How is the rich privileged to do what ever they want and the poor need to have do with whatever little they have? Why is it that it is the rich who complain and poor are content with what they have despite the responsibilities they shoulder, burdened upon them by the rich? How can the rich take ownership of the "resources" that is bestowed upon all of us by mother nature? How can mother nature be partial?

Can mother nature be partial to her children? A mother loves all her children equally. So the greatest wealth she provides her children must be equal to all. This means that all these "resources" owned by the rich are not important to her. The gold and diamonds are just stones in her eyes. It doesn't matter to her when a few of her children get to play with shiny stones while others don't because they are just stones. She knows the air we breath is important and she gives it to everyone equally. She knows water is important and which she does provide for all her children. There is an Oasis even in a desert.

There lies the fundamental answer to all the questions. What is important and what is not. The greatest wealth provided by nature are free for everyone to take. They are available for everyone equally. This wealth is common for all and cannot be taken away from man. It can only be given in abundance. The greatest resource is knowledge. It is knowledge that we must be after. Not extravagant richness and hanging chandeliers. Not huge houses or expensive cars but simple elegant knowledge. Obtaining knowledge is the means and it is the end, moving us from ignorance into light.

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