Saturday, March 9, 2013

Aasai Mugam Maranthu Poche

Bharathiyar, for tamil people, needs no introduction. He was a great tamil poet and a contemporary of Rabindranath Tagore. The world had the good fortune of reading Tagore's beautiful lines as many were written in English but was not so lucky when it came to the poems of Bharathi. 

Maybe Bharathi deserves better than what we can offer.

Here is one of his songs, translated with not so much justice done. He lost his mother at a very early age. When the only picture he had that reminded him of her gets lost, to the love of his life, poetry, he says

I have forgotten the lovely face,
To whom can I show my grief my dear friend?
Even if my heart remembers the vivd love,
why has my memory failed to keep the face intact, my dear friend?

The bee that thinks no more of nectar,
The flower that consigns the sun to oblivion,
The vegetation that fails to recollect the rain, Has never existed.
Why am I the aberration my dear friend?

What purpose do these eyes serve
if I cannot remember the beautiful face
I do not even posses a picture, you know it
what is my plea to live, my dear friend?

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