Sunday, August 11, 2013

Job Hunt 101


I am a new college graduate and was looking for my first job. I had to walk, skip, fall and learn from my mistakes before I got my dream job. It took me a lot of preparation and a lot more patience for me to land it. I understand how difficult it is for you and so I am creating a series of guides that has tips and information on what I had learnt in the process of searching for a job. I list strategies that might be useful for you to turn your luck around. These tips are aimed at getting the maximum benefit of every opportunity that comes our way. Being prepared is the best way to land the job. 

  • To provide you with tips and tricks that I had learnt in the process of searching for a job. 
  • To learn from your feedback and experience.
I plan to address the following topics which have subtopics in them (click on them to view)
I wish you the best of luck in your journey. 
PS - This is a work in progress

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