Sunday, April 17, 2011


The Interrupt from the motor controller to the CPU needs to be high for 1 clock cycle. There is not interrupt acknowledge signal from the Open8 CPU that can turn off the interrupt after 1 clock signal. If the motor controller interrupt is more than one clock cycle, The CPU interprets it as a separate request. So there is a need for a moderator that 
  • Receives an interrupt request from the motor controller
  • Responds to the interrupt by sending a signal to the CPU interrupt line which is high for exactly one clock cycle. 
  • After sending the interrupt request to the CPU, sends an interrupt acknowledge signal to the motor controller. 

This moderator is Int_req_ack module.

The Int_req_ack module has a 2 bit counter which is initialized to “00”.  When the motor interrupt goes high, the counter is incremented by 1 every clock cycle and the interrupt_CPU line goes high. Since we need the interrupt_CPU line to be high for exactly one clock signal, the counter is reset when it reaches “01”. When the counter value goes to “01”, the interrupt_CPU line goes low and an acknowledge signal (int_ack) is sent to the motor controller. The int_ack signal to the motor controller, pulls down the motor_interrupt signal. This is sensed by the int_req_ack module and resets the counter to “00”.

(a 1 bit counter would have sufficed. Made it two bits so that additional functionalities can be added if required)

Abishek Ramdas
NYU Poly

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