Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ShanghAI lecture assignment 4

The next in this series of experiments involved understanding

1. Principle of cheap design
2. Emergent Behavior
3. Braitenberg Design

A famous experiment performed at Zurich was study of emergent behavior using a set of robots called the swiss cleaning robots.

The scenario is a number of blocks (garbage) are dispersed in a closed arena. Robots are needed to form heaps of the blocks thereby "cleaning the arena"

If the aim of your robot is to clean the room, conventional design requires a vision system in the robots to identify the location of the blocks, pushing them when encountered and avoiding the other robots.

But using the principle of cheap design, robots fitted with Braitenberg obstacle avoidance scheme are used to achieve this. How? The solutions are posted.


ShanghAI Exercise4


Exercise 4 - Study Group 160

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