Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Building Linux From Scratch

For long I wanted to build a custom linux system from scratch. Since now I am in my summer hols, I finally find time to do it. I am doing it for a hobby and documenting the procedure I followed, errors that I got and how I have solved them if I have solved them. Hope this documentation serves useful to the people.

IMPORTANT - describes the variables that are used,

1. sudo -i is used to go into the superuser mode in ubuntu
2. $LFS = /mnt/lfs - the partition where linux is being built from scratch is mounted into this location
3. all the packages that are to be installed are to be present in $LFS/usr/src
4. $LFS_TGT=$(uname -m)-lfs-linux-gnu

1. Creating a partition
2. Mounting the partition
3. Creating Directories based on the File Hierarchy Standards (FHS)
4. Installing Bash
5. Installing Bin utils

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  1. followed your tutorial but i am confused on some issues ,please help: http://superuser.com/questions/748313/build-centos-rhel-with-lfs-live-cd,.