Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Installation of Netbeans IDE in Linux

Installation of NETBEANS IDE in linux
1. Download netbeans from (choose the version depending on your system)
2. After download is complete, cd to the download location you will find a script
3. open terminal, cd to the location of the .sh file and type
chmod u+x
(changes the execute permissions)
4. Then type "./" to execute the shell script
5. The installer pops up and you can specify the destination for installtion. (say ~/netbeans-ver)
6. Agree to terms and conditions and complete the installation
7. After installation is done open ~/.bashrc file in your favourite editor (.bashrc is a hidden file)
8. Add the follwing lines to the end of the file
 export PATH=$PATH:/location-to-netbeans/lib
(for example in this case where the location is ~/netbeans-ver type export PATH=$PATH:~/netbeans-ver/lib)
9. close the terminal and open it again and type "netbeans" to open the IDE.
10. It takes a few seconds to open the IDE. Have fun :)


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