Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Working with Choreographe - Hands on tutorial

Working with choreographe

 Preliminary steps
1. Open Choreographe
2. Open NAOSIM
3. Connect choreographe to local NAO as explained in previous posts,

1.     In the box library, choose templates – animation box. Drag and drop it on the flow diagram area
2.     Double click on the animation box, timeline pops out
3.     The time line has a number of frames. Frames are similar to the movie frames, which are played one after the other to show movement on screen.
4.     Key frames are frames that indicate a particular important position that we are interested in. other frames in the intermediate show the transition between key frames.
5.     Click on a frame at any index other than index 1 (say index 5). A blue line shows that frame is the key frame.
6.     You can specify a particular position for a limb by clicking on the limb from the 3D NAO.
7.     The motion window is displayed. Change the position of the limb according to your requirement.
8.     Click again on the timeline at an index greater than the previously chosen index (say index 20).
9.     Click on the limb and change its position again as mentioned in steps 6 and 7.
10.  Now click on the  “Play” icon in the motion timeline to see the animation in the NAO 3D window.
11.  You can delete a key frame by right clicking on the key frame and clicking delete.
12.  It is similar to adobe flash frame animation.


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