Thursday, March 17, 2011

KCPSM Assembler and simulator for picoblaze

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I was implementing a code in kcpsm assembly language for the picoblaze mc. Every time i had to test it, I had to dump it on the FPGA and look for the desired output. I dint have the time to search for a kcpsm simulator then so had to manage with the poor debugging capabilities and long dumping latencies for completing the assignment.

More over KCPSM assembler that comes with the package, runs only in a windows environment. so i had to use DOSEMU everytime to just compile the program. All this sucked big time. So i went in search of a simulator/assembler for linux and then there was OPENPICIDE

Open Pic IDE is open and supports linux windows mac and is downright amazing. Here i have included the steps to install and run openpicide in an UBUNTU system.

Simulation of Picoblaze assembly code
There are two tools to simulate picoblaze assembly language
1. openPICIDE
2. picoasm

Integrated assembler development environment (IDE). Provides the following components for developing assembler code
1. project manager
2. Assembler editor syntax highlighting
3. code parser
4. compiler
5. simulator

- Extract the files to required location
- Change into "build" folder
- run "cmake ../"
- run "make"
- sudo run "make install"
default installation directory is in /usr/local/openPICIDE/

Install cmake
1. sudo apt-get install cmake
2. you need KDE and QT4 development tools. find and install them using your package manager.

CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-2.6/Modules/FindQt4.cmake:1432 (MESSAGE):   Qt qmake not found!
1. QT4 development tools are required to be installed
2. KDE libraries are to be installed if you dont have them already
3. In synaptic package manager. qt4-dev-tools - install them.

1. Assuming you are using bash shell, add the following lines to your ~/.bashrc
export PATH= $PATH:/usr/local/openPICIDE/v0.5.0/bin YOU NEED TO DO THIS STEP ONLY ONCE.
2. start a new shell and type - openpicide&


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