Saturday, March 5, 2011



In life all things seem futile.
the work being done, the events that occur.
seems irrelevent to any condition
random acts that seem to arise
from the whim and fancy of the snake charmer.
we dance in awkward steps
to the barbaric noises from his drum

going around in circles
banality and platitude.
experiences, situations, exercises, tests
that seem to take us no where.
progress?? no.
hard work achieving what? no idea.
stagnant sardonic and even ridiculous at times

the pull is strong
to stop the bull shit
the utter futility in doing the job
the laziness
the lack of reason
the lack of motivation
sometimes it seems logical to just give up

but know that what you see are just the dots
unconnected dots spread around in space and time
irrelevent and even irritating to the untrained eye.
there is a grand picture that comes out of joining the dots.
a beautiful plan unfolding slowly
dots that can be connected.

so hang in there when the dots are being laid.
hang in there through the futility
the depression the terpidity.
work with acceptance. work through the skepticism,
and bless the credulous mind.
hoping some day we will get to see the beautiful picture
and all life makes perfect sense.

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