Saturday, March 5, 2011

OpenSPARC - Beginners Introduction - Abishek Ramdas

Here I briefly describe the documents that are important if you are starting with opensparc for the first time. I have added the description of the important folders. 

If you are trying to do synthesis, regression, diag tests read the OpenSPARC DV GUIDE. Most important resource.

    1. README: file :This file must be read initially and specifies the values to the environment variables that are to be sourced.
    2. OpenSPARCT1.bash (or) OpenSPARCT1.csh : script : are the scripts where the environment variables are actually initialized. Depending on your shell, one of these files are modified and sourced.
    3. script :This script is used to initialize the locations of the xilinx tools that are required to run rxil and create NGC and V files. Commnet out lines that are not required by you.
    4. Rxil: script : it is a script that check the env variables set in the OpenSPARCT1.bash file and executes a perl script OpenSPARCT1/tools/perlmod/rxil1.2

Different folders description
NOTE: This description has a number of folders that are created after the successful running of rxil script. Only the documents that are required in rxil are mentioned here. Working details and interrelation of only a few folders are provided.

    1. OpenSPARC/design/sys/xst : folder : contains the xst files of the different devices supported by opensparc. It also contains a block_list file. This file has the different modules that are to be synthesised (OpenSPARC/design/sys/xst/block.list)
    2. OpenSPARCT1/design/sys/iop : folder : contains the modules that are speicifed in the block list.
        It also has a number of modules that are not specified in the blocklist. These modules are used by the modules specified in the blocklist for their implementation.
    3. OpenSPARCT1/design/sys/iop/*module in blk list*/xst : folder : example
        /home/abishek/OpenSPARCT1/design/sys/iop/ccx/xst :
        1. contains a folder in the name of the device that is selected ex XC4VLX200. This folder is the working folder for the module under consideration. It contains a copy of the flist file of the module. Flist files are described below.
        2. *module in blk list*.flist : ex ccx.flist : file : contains the list of modules that are utilized in the functioning of this module. Contains the relative locations of the verilog files of the modules.
        3. Device#.xst : file : this is the xst file of the device under consideration. It is created after running the rxil script successfully. It is copied from the above mentioned OpenSPARC/design/sys/xst folder and modified to suit the needs of the block that is under consideration.

Hope this was useful :)

Abishek Ramdas
NYU Poly

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